Selected Stories



I'm Not Cynthia ...


Washingtonian Magazine, June 2000


... but since everyone's calling for her, I want to know who she is.


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Who's Calling?


Washingtonian Magazine, October 2001


I used to hang up on annoying telemarketers. Then I decided to become one myself.


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One on One

Washingtonian Magazine, December 2001


What do you do when your son thinks he's ready to beat you, one on one, in basketball?

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Space Oddity


Washington Post Sunday Magazine, Dec. 9, 2001


Are you ready for a vacation on the moon? Don't laugh.


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A Soldier's Story 


Reader's Digest, May 2002


His photograph has stared at me for 30 years. Finding him became an obsession.

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How the G.I.'s in Vietnam Don't Learn About the War


New York Times Magazine, April 12, 1970


The military's hand on giving out the news limits a soldier's view of his own war to little more than what he can see down the sights of his rifle.

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